Model 3

What could possibly go wrong now: Pessimists line up here

Nothing could go wrong now....could it?
TSLA is home and hosed.


  • Perhaps TSLA could dilute the shares to help institutions buy. Surely not.
  • The SEC could call in Elon and Robyn: has she been scanning his tweets as laid into law?
  • Germany could reject the 2.5 battery factory, but hey they already started clearing trees today.
  • Chinese Govt takes over NIO.
    (They already have a part ownership).
    This would panic TSLA shareholders and every other stock exposed to China.
    Look what happened today (temporary I hope) decimation of EV stocks because GM pulled out of Nikola (1 down, 26 to go).
  • While I am optimistic about Tesla's future, there are things beyond its control that _could_ go wrong and illustrate why putting too much of one's net worth into the stock is potentially risky. A few things that come to mind:
    1) Something happens to Elon. Apple survived without Steve Jobs but it was jarring.
    2) Some weird problem affecting the battery packs in all model 3s and Ys requires a recall and replacement of all the battery packs.
    3) The world economy tanks so badly the new car demand goes essentially to zero cutting off Tesla's air supply
    Fortunately Tesla is in pretty good shape right now. I don't like to think what would have happened if 1 occurred prior to 2019 or if the Great Financial Crisis had happened when Tesla was struggling with the model 3 ramp. People who bought the stock in 2018 or earlier and held on were richly rewarded but let's not kid ourselves: They took a big risk and were well rewarded. But, it could have gone the other way with some bad luck on Tesla's part.
  • Yawn 🥱
  • Just added 10% more at the dip today at $545.
    That’s what I do when things go wrong for the stock price
  • Like closing down and not paying staff: wicked
  • @ross1
    They are changing models and need to upgrade the line. When GM owned that plant in the 70s, they would close for model year changes for 2-3 weeks. Production works lost pay for that time.
    Telsa is paying them for a week of down time and asking them to help in other areas during the other week. So most of them should miss not a paycheck.
  • If anything this sounds more like Tesla's plan to get everyone to focus on delivery on the last week of the quarter. Those who help with delivery will not loss a paycheck, others will just take their holiday vacation.
  • Not so: those are volunteers
  • > @Ross1 said:
    > Not so: those are volunteers

    Yeah my bad, didn't read that part.
  • Only the S and X lines are being idled due to declining sales.

    “Tesla will shut down production lines for its high-end, but older, electric vehicles -- the Model S sedan and Model X SUV -- for18 days beginning on December 24th, according to an email to factory employees seen by CNBC.”
  • What could go wrong now? The pessimists could get in the wrong line.
    After conversations with the sales folks at the showroom, I get the impression they're trying to maximize the M3 and MY deliveries during the end of December.
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