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Valet Mode can easily disable in the car without a phone?

Hi all,

There's no way I can delete games app in my car so I've used Valet Mode as an option to avoid my son get inside the car and play games in there for hours.
Anyway, I've realised my son somehow can enable the Valet Mode while he's in the car. He doesn't have cards with him (I'm still keeping them in my bags) and I even already turned off the Bluetooth on my phone so that he can't use it from distance.

My question is, if that is the case then is that a error from the software? is there anyway I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!


  • How about locking your car?
  • So you have been using valet mode, but are complaining that your son can put the car into valet mode when you forget? I don't understand the problem.

    How about disciplining your son?
  • Sorry my typo, I meant 'my son can disable the Valet Mode while he's in the car'
    And yes, I did locked the car but sometimes I forgot to turn off the bluetooth and he still can open the car from a distance. And sometimes he's got in there with my permission, but didn't want to get out, so I really need the Valet Mode works.
  • I call it BS
  • ...if he can disable Valet mode from inside the car then you need to think of a better 4 digit pin...maybe something he can't guess.
    ..doesn't want to get out...back to the discipline.
  • "Tesla please help me parent my child"...
  • Seems like you can just change your pin. Valet can't be disabled unless you enter the pin. Also... buy him a Switch ;)
  • > @thangufo_98626553 said:
    > Sorry my typo, I meant 'my son can disable the Valet Mode while he's in the car'

    The only known way to disable valet mode is with the pin which you can change, or from the phone app. So if he is able to turn off Valet mode without either of those you should try and figure out what he is doing because Tesla would really want to know. How old is he? Does he have his own phone? Maybe he linked it to the car when you were not looking?

    So far I have not found any way to disable Valet Mode without the pin or app. When I got my flat tires I put my car in Valet mode so the tow truck could drive the car on and off without needing my pin to drive. When my car arrived at the SC Tesla had to request I disable Valet mode remotely before they could put it in service mode. So even the Tesla SC could not disable Valet mode. The SC was able to bypass my pin to drive but not Valet.

    Your son might be a secrete hacker! <Grin>
  • ..or tell him you are going to start throwing away his stuff until he gets out of the car...and actually go start throwing stuff away.
  • He needs a PS4 before Christmas. Safer and might save battery, wear & tear on your car.
  • Maybe you need to get professional help for your son. There seems to be signs of addiction.
  • @derotam, That's funny and memorable. When my son was about 3 he kept refusing to pick up his toys and put them away. After many failures in getting him to listen I told him he had 30 minutes to clean them up or I was going to throw them away. He refused to do it.

    I took the vacuum cleaner into his room, shut the door, threw a bag of M&Ms on the floor and proceeded to vacuum them up. While doing so I hid all of his toys. He was throwing fits outside the door. I walked out of the room, pulled the vacuum cleaner bag out of the vacuum cleaner where he could see it, walked outside and threw it in the trash.

    After a few weeks we started slowly giving him his toys back. We never had any trouble getting him to pick them up again.
  • Yep, did something similar with my 4 year old daughter.
  • Works like a charm.
  • thanks guys for your advices!
    I think my son knows the pin number, he's 12 anyway. I have changed it and will see... At least I know it's impossible to turn off Valet Mode without the pin.
  • At 12, he is big enough to start thinking about trying to drive your car when you're not looking. Would not exclude that possibility, no matter what your previous experience has been with him.
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