Model S

2020 Model S w/ upgraded pedals

Whenever my cruise control or auto pilot apply medium to hard braking my brake pedal vibrates. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Mine does this too. Can't say if this is "normal". My impression is that this is caused by the mechanical play in the pedal. Normally that is taken up by your foot when you manually press on the pedal. The automated system operates further in on the mechanism and can cause the pedal to bounce around if it moves quickly .
  • Yes, it's normal. From the TACC section of the manual:

    "NOTE: When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is actively slowing down Model S to maintain the selected distance from the vehicle ahead, brake lights turn on to alert other road users that you are slowing down. You may notice slight movement of the brake pedal. However, when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is accelerating Model S, the accelerator pedal does not move."
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