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Model Y Recall - search by VIN website

I’m curious if any other Model Y owners on this forum get the same result that I do on the Tesla recall search by VIN website:

“The bolts connecting the front upper control arm and steering knuckle may not have been torqued to specification. If not properly secured, the upper control arm can unseat from the steering knuckle resulting in excessive negative or positive camber and adverse impact to steering.”

I just wanted to see if I’m one of the 437 Model Y owners affected by the recall or if the response the website provides is the same for all Model Y owners. I read letters are being sent in the mail to those Model Y owners who are affected by this recall and I have not received that letter (yet).



  • I get:

    No recalls found. Refresh Date: Nov 30, 2020
  • I also get :

    "No recalls found. Refresh Date: Nov 30, 2020."

    Hope this helps.
  • Same here. No recalls found. My VIN is xx67875.
  • so it seems like yours might be one of the recalls ?
  • Thanks for checking. Yeah, it looks like mine was one of the vehicles recalled.
    Build Date in September 2020
    Delivery/Picked up the end of September 2020
    VIN 57XXX

    Not sure if it's related to the recall, but after taking delivery of my Model Y I did have to take it back in for a steering alignment because the steering wheel was off center by about 5-10 degrees while the vehicle was going straight. The report included with the repair did not include any of the items listed in the recall summary.

    I have a service appointment for Friday to get the recall item checked out and we'll see what they report.
  • I checked the recall site via VIN too. I have a September 12 build date and 47XXX VIN. It says there are no recalls. I wish Tesla would provide more details as to which vehicles are potentially affected.
  • I checked on 11/24 and mine was listed as 'no recall.' VIN 49xxx with a 9/8/20 build date.
  • If your car is affected by this, you will be notified, via a letter as is required by law. Typically you will be contacted via email first.

    So trying to figure out ahead of that is just going to cause unnecessary anxiety.
  • TOTAL NO RECALL (MY 6/27/20 delivery)
  • Finished with my service appointment today for the Model Y recall and the service center was able to check and confirm the left and right front upper control arm mounting bolts were secured to knuckle at the correct torque. I was able to wait while they checked and it only took ~20 minutes. The service center said this was the first Model Y they had in for the recall.
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