Model 3

What Is TeslaFi?

"made sure that TeslaFi was set to allow the car to sleep"
While reading posts, etc. about models 3, X, S and Ys, the word TeslaFi once in awhile pops up.

What is TeslaFi? What does it do? And how is it turned off or on?


  • It's a website that you can allow varying degrees of access to your car's data through an API Token. Depending on the settings, if it's polling the data too often, it can prevent the car from sleeping. They have suggested settings that do allow for it to sleep, though.

    I use it because it allows me to tag individual drives with various business codes -- which allows me to track mileage better for our taxes. I also use the charge records to figure out how much of my electric bill is spent charging the car.

    And I can yell at hubby for doing 100+ when he's out in the car without me. ;)
  • @hokiegir1 "And I can yell at hubby for doing 100+ when he's out in the car without me. ;)"

    THAT was funny. Thanks for the information.

    Have a great day
  • @JimShaw - We also joke that I stalk him, since I can see where along a drive he is at any time (same as in the app, but with a map history rather than a point in time). :) But basically, it gives you most of the same info you already see about the car such as location data, battery charging status, etc, but in a more "reportable" format. If you are a data geek or need to track expenses, it can be really helpful, but it's certainly not the gold standard of information that some claim it to be.

    It also has enough of a subset of Tesla owners that it's a good measure of software rollout progress (which are also tracked). You can see when they go from just a handful in installs to a few hundred to a few thousand, and it's a fairly representative sample.

    Excellent source to see all your cars performance, trips, battery degradation, efficiency etc.

    Also StatsApp for Tesla for more graphical IOS look at same data.
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