Model X

MCU dead - can't access app - how to talk to service center?

I guess this is the punishment for being an early adopter of the Model X. My center display is dead and from what I have been gathering, because my MX is one of the earlier models built in 2018, there is a design flaw in which the memory chip would reach the limit of overwrite and fail. The problem of this is that this is more than the center screen issue - basically can't access the app/turn signals, navigation, distance sensor, etc., so basically it's not safe to drive!

Since I can't access the app, is there an email that I could use to reach my Service Center advisor? My service appointment is in 2 weeks, so besides wanting to move it sooner, I also want to make sure that they will have the parts ready in advance, so I don't need to wait longer for the parts.

Also, does anyone have similar problems w/ their MX recently? What was the overall experience/wait time? Was it covered under the general warranty or what's the cost if it's not?


  • While it could be the memory, it could be other things. Covered under warranty. If you feel it's not safe, do not drive it until you have it repaired, although none of the items you indicated are safety-related. You can use hand signals for turning.

    Here's one of several threads on the topic:
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