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Stopping for Greenlight after MCU2 upgrade?

2017 90D, FSD. Total newbie. Ordered from Tesla (used) and it was delivered with MCU1 which I drove for about six weeks getting used to the car. I paid for the MCU2 upgrade which was installed yesterday and I drove it home today. On the trip home, the car seemed to take green lights very seriously that I thought we were going to get rear ended a couple of times. Each occasion, I overrode the accelerator so not sure we were going to come to a complete halt and get acquainted with the cars in line behind me, but maybe? I don't recall that being my experience with MCU1, but so much else is improved that I'm really not sure if this is a feature or a bug or a setting I can adjust somewhere? It also stops for red lights and doesn't seem to want to ram the cars ahead of it (all good things). The front camera doesn't seem to be obstructed and the dash recognizes red and green lights, as well as speed limit signs...seems odd. Maybe I'm too sensitive. Any thoughts from the hive mind?


  • It's a precaution right now to require confirmation to proceed through green lights when there is no lead vehicle. Please check the manual.
  • I noticed the same thing. I have MCU1. I get the precaution. But in terms of usability I find it easier to just drive myself rather than looking for messages to confirm.
  • Yeah, I'd rather drive than do the confirmations. However, it was doable in the Denver suburbs where there were long stretches between lights and when traffic was light.
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