Volkswagen's ID.3 Seriously Lags Tesla Sales in First 2 months

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With tens of thousands of cars sitting collecting dust for months due to major software problems, VW finally started dumping ID.3 cars into customer's hands in September. Total ID.3 sales for September and October were 10,475. During the same period with no advertising, Tesla sold 17,025 cars in Europe.

Glad VW is selling EVs but looks like they have a long way to go to catch up to Tesla.


  • Tough on VW corporate profits when dumping at probably less than assembly/parts cost. Not sustainable.
  • I wonder what sort of warranty they gave to these guinea pigs taking on batteries untended for many months.
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    The fish is performing the sequel to his pro-Ford anti-Tesla show over at the mache forum. This episode is pro-VW anti-Ford, and brought to you by Subaru.
  • Hilarious @M-A-B-MCMLXXX

    They also have to spend their time telling him he’s an idiot on the other fora. Perhaps he’s just a masochist who gets off on being verbally degraded.

    “VW on their website does not list anything for 0 to 60 for the AWD. It's all guess from other websites.
    Do I think it will be around 6 seconds? yes
    The range for that model also has not been released. Between 215 to 225 is what the other websites are estimating.
    That is why I pointed out the wrong info you keep putting out. tesla model y is the same as mache 4.8 again. No these are points for me buying just calling out misleading info you put out.

    As far as the id4 being better for you that is awesome. congrats on whatever you get. I hope you're happy with it and it works out for you.
    Just make sure the info you pass is correct though.”
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    > @Bighorn said:
    > Hilarious @M-A-B-MCMLXXX
    > They also have to spend their time telling him he’s an idiot on the other fora. Perhaps he’s just a masochist who gets off on being verbally degraded.

    It is indeed as much a theme there as it is here, except there he's throwing FUD about the e-mustang rather than Tesla cars.

    To Fish:
    ""Most of the time" and "Generally speaking" are NOT the same as your earlier claim of "In all cases AWD beats FWD beats RWD". Keep changing your story so you can eventually say something that is correct and meaningful by accident. Your inconsistencies, contradictions, and attempts to back up your claims with non-technical articles are making me dizzy after a 45 year career in Engineering. I will go back to reading the comments from some of the knowledgeable and thoughtful posters on this forum. Or, you could just acknowledge that your attempt to go down this rabbit hole was misguided, then apologize, and go back to making positive contributions!"

    He hasn't improved his maths either.

    By Fish:
    1. Mach-E battery is 98kWh
    2.10%-80% is 70% of that is 68kWh in 45 minutes.
    3.45/60 minutes, .75 of an hour.
    4.68kWh/.75hr = 91kWh in 45 minutes.
    5.91kW hr/.75 hr = 121 kWh average rate.
  • @BH - I'd be more worried about the software, although I agree the batteries sitting for 6-12 months does not seem great. I gather the software is still not complete, but why not dump these while the advertising is hot! It can always be fixed later with OTA updates. Oops, that doesn't work yet either!
  • Has anyone in the forums that owns a Tesla bought a ID.3?
  • Funny Fish will not comment here
  • Still crickets..
  • Of course not. This is not part of the false narrative and hence undeserving of the Trolly.
  • The trolls like that these truthful & factual posts sink quietly, while they keep tapping away at the troll created post saying that VW lead the way! Laughable
  • Yep, howard must live on the forums to spread his minute by minute FUD!
  • Weren’t these ID3’s predominately sold in Germany? If so, I don’t think there are many if any Germans on these forums.
  • Hi from Munich, Germany. So at least one. (:-)
  • Why do I see all FUD online from short sellers saying Tesla is losing market shares in Europe?

    Is it because customers need to buy 2 Volkswagen ID.3 to have the range of one Tesla?
  • Yep, when you are losing billions shorting Tesla every week, you can pay a few like howard and FISHEV to try and slow Tesla's sales. They are not getting their money's worth though. The shorters really should hire some more competent con men.
  • "No secret compartment under the bonnet though, as that’s full of air-con and head-up display gubbins"

    So VW can't even figure out a frunk. Just replace the ICE with other crap.

  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Funny Fish will not comment here

    He won’t acknowledge he is the same person (no matter how obvious it is).
  • I wonder if the ID3 hood is like the BMW i8, where you need special tools to open it. A design that is intended for dealer service personal only.
  • Nothing is close to Tesla on the world stage.
  • @BH - Good report! Interesting that both the Y and 3 continue to do great. Still looks like Tesla doesn't have a single worthwhile competitor, but that's ok. Those other EVs are stealing sales away from ICE.
  • Just read that the Leaf cars are falling apart after 50k miles.
    Model Y is becoming the car of choice.
    VW is like Toyota trying live on it's history but lost in the new paradigm of EVs.
    The Hindenburg is a true story.
  • There are a lot of Leafs going back to 2010 or so. While I don't think they are any worse than any other cars, they may tend to be lower mileage due to very limited range and the inability to easily travel long distances. So a ten-year-old car is going to have some problems unrelated to being low mileage. Stuff wears out just from age.
  • Used early Leafs were super cheap. Under $10k, sometimes significantly so. Good local runabout or teenage car.
  • Yep, I know a few who have gotten old Leafs. One of the EV bargains for limited range EVs.
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