Ordering Tesla with a Missing Title for a non-telsa Trade-in.

Hi all, wanting to finance a Telsa and I want to trade-in my Kia for the tesla; however, I am in the process of getting a registration and title from the Oregon DMV and it has been almost 5 months now and I have yet to receive it. I should hopefully be getting it soon, though I was wondering if I ordered a Telsa now... would I be able to do a missing title trade-in with the promise of sending the title and registration, once I receive it in the mail?


  • Sounds a bit complicated but I can share that, in my case, I traded in a leased vehicle. I just supplied the VIN & the bank info it's leased with and my Tesla Operations Advisor did the rest (they're motivated to sell you the car, they can probably work through channels you don't have access to).
  • In New Jersey I simply had to fill out a list title certificate which the dealer had. I thought I’d have a problem but it literally involved one extra signature certifying that I could not locate the original title
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