Website for Claim ownership not working

Unable to process request. Please try again later. -- Anybody else seeing this? Given that this is the only way to get this done. Can you please have somebody fix your website? I have tried multiple browsers/Mac and Windows


  • What is a “Claim ownership”?
  • Try deleting cookies from one of the browsers you’re using. Others have reported similar problems.
  • "What is a “Claim ownership”?"

    I think it's part of touchless delivery process.

    Waymaker, this isn't customer service contact, just a public forum.
  • So instead of reaching out to the delivery people, he decides to log onto a forum, just on the chance that someone might reply...…?
  • That’s how it appears.... although we never heard the outcome from the poster who claimed an unprepped car was dumped in the driveway with no way to operate it.
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