Tesla forgot about my order

After rejecting delivery due to a paint defect it seems that they forgot to add my account back in the queue. It’s been over a week. If I didn’t check up today I still wouldn’t be in the VIN queue.

How can Tesla be so poorly managed the they forget about orders. I paid in cash so maybe they have no incentive to deliver the car now.


  • Are you saying you paid in full for the car you rejected at delivery?
  • I paid before seeing the car.

    My observation is that Tesla is focused on the presale experience at the cost of the delivery experience. That’s why I brought up the fact that I paid.

    The process to place the order is completely streamlined. But once you place the order the process is a nightmare. You get an automated email from the Tesla Advisor and then they don’t respond.

    Someone mentioned in another thread that you have to call to make sure your order gets processed on time. That seems to be the case, if I didn’t call my order would still off the queue for a new VIN (after a week).

    How much of this process depends on the Tesla Advisor? I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to get a different advisor for my order.
  • Troll heaven
  • How do you pay cash in advance?
  • In wonderland
  • lol on pre-delivery experience. What order on a computer :D
  • Paying in advance before seeing the car is likely typical if you're not financing. When I bought my first Tesla in 2015, I paid for it about a month before I picked up. There was a request for full payment made on the online order platform once the car came off the assembly line. I was of course rather too eager and so I did not even question the wisdom of this arrangement.
  • I want my money back 😠
  • Hang on, isn’t vroomvroom trashing Tesla quality in other threads? How does that make sense?
  • “ When I bought my first Tesla in 2015”

    It’s not 2015. Was there a problem with your purchase?
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