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Issue with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control / Autosteer, when approaching a standing vehicle

I have an issue regarding Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer, when approaching a standing vehicle.

When my Tesla Model 3 is in Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer and approaches a standing vehicle in front of it (in the same lane, e.g. in front of a red light), it stops at about 3m behind the vehicle.

In my opinion, this is too far away (my cruise follow distance is set to 1). When I then try to very slowly get closer to the vehicle standing in front, my Model 3 keeps hitting the break agressively, which is annoying.

Proposed solution: either lower the distance to a standing vehicle down to 1 - 1.5 m, and/or allow to slowly approach the car in front from 3 m down to 1 - 1.5 m, without trying to hit the break all the time.


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    So you like the idea of stopping so close to the vehicle in front of you that if someone hits you from behind you are guaranteed to hit the vehicle in front of you?

    I'm just saying, 3m is a reasonable stopping distance.

    And I think the distance settings are in terms of .5 second increments which only really count while moving and has nothing to do with the stopping distance.
  • Following distance has nothing to do with this.
    In driver’s ed, I was taught to stop behind another car with enough distance to still se that car’s rear tires. That would be about 2-3 meters.
    Tesla’s software errs on the side of safety by design.
    You could manually get closer if it bothers you that much.
  • It bothers me too but I've just decided to live with it instead of worrying about it. In heavy traffic sometimes I'll turn it off and creep forward but typically I just ignore it and let it do it's thing (safety first!)
  • Allowing cars designed to become autonomous to permit driver preferences on every possible thing is counterintuitive.
  • The rude breaking behavior is why my spouse/passenger won't let me use autosteer on city streets. It just needs a little tuning, no need for another preference knob.

    More tuning: The follow distance should increase when the risk of road debris is high (e.g. when behind a dump truck).

    At the moment it appears the autopilot team has more important/interesting things to work on...
  • Having that space also allows you to get out from behind the car if that car became an obstacle.

    The meters difference in stopping space compared to the slow start of the majority of cars is insignificant. That is, when I'm at the front of the line and go (even without mashing the pedal) at the green, there are so many cars worth of distance between me and the car "behind" me. I wonder when people will realize how sluggish vehicles contribute to traffic.
  • So what is it about you that you want to get so close behind other cars? Following distance set to 1, wanting to crawl into the trunk of the car in front of you at a light. Sounds like fertile grounds for some discussions with a professional.

    But the car's behavior when trying to crawl forward in this situation is somewhat....interesting. Give it a bit of accelerator, it starts moving, then Wham! on the brakes, a bit more motion, Wham! again. Not the smoothest way to deal with the situation, I think.
  • Call me paranoid but I like to leave enough room in front of me to lane out and escape if I need to. Anything less than 3m you may get boxed in.
  • If your car stops too close to the vehicle in front of you, it will be harder for your car to see lane markers and traffic lights. 3m seems like a reasonable distance.
  • I don't get this obsession with getting close the car in front. I have even had cars behind honk at me for not staying close enough to the car in front.

    What do people think they are gaining by getting closer?

    You are certainly not getting through the queue any faster. When the car in front of you start driving again, you need to build up safety distance anyway, and your initial distance at standstill won't matter.
  • People like to complain about everything.
  • I remember a study that if cars left 3 car lengths between them in a perfect world all could begin acceleration at the instant the signal turned green and more than double the number could get thru the light vs. closely spaced there would be a lag before each could accelerate. Of course that was before people were checking reading emails at red lights. It’s hopeless now.
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