Model S

Could you ever go back to an ICE car?

Just lost my MS for two weeks while its being repaired for a fender bender. Rental company gave me a gas car and I hate it! The throttle lag is awful and I can't believe how spoiled I've gotten in two years. Can't see ever going back to an ICE ride for that one reason alone. Can we assume that most people feel the same way? That once you have an electric, there is no going back and that ICE cars are doomed to extinction?


  • Yeap. My wife's 3 spoiled me to the point I stopped driving my year old SUV, I pulled the trigger and traded in for used S while I wait for CyberTruck. Once you go Tesla there is no going back unless you are paid troll like few a holes around here.
  • Nope, except as a trash hauler. Not putting manure, rocks and lumber in my Tesla, until I get my CT.
  • Yes, I agree. I couldn't go back. We did have to borrow a ICE vehicle (Honda CRV) a few months back for a camping trip. Man that sucks going back to that vehicle. I would not want to do it long term for sure.
  • First S a July 2013 build. Why devolve?
  • I've managed to avoid driving ICE since 2017.
  • Ice free household since end of October and counting. :)
  • I can't go back. I absolutely dread renting a car now.
  • My use for ice is for cocktails only. Since 2015, certainly not for a car.
  • I owned a
    2016 S. Traded it in 2018 for a Subaru. I missed the Tesla and two months ago bought a model Y - I miss the model S but as I’ve gotten a couple of years older liked the higher seat position. The S has nicer lines and feels more luxurious. It’s added size might have been an issue in the smaller garage in our new retirement home.

    That being said there is something about a Tesla that just feels right.
  • Well, yeah I kind of plan on replacing my MS with an ICE car. I'd like to get a bit into autocross and tracking and an ICE car is still easier to use for that than a Model-3 performance. Ideally I would keep the MS as a daily and have a second ICE fun car. There is no doubt that the future is EV however. Once the weight of EV's can be reduced, it will be game over for sports cars also. I don't know the specs of the Roadster, but that is anyway far out of my budget. So for now I'm thinking I will take a few years detour back into ICE and then come back to the inevitable EV future. I do agree with others though. Even fast ICE cars don't feel that fast in comparison to Tesla.
  • @dsteal
    I see lots of race car drivers show up at the track in a Model S. There were so many locally that I know of 3 tracks with rows of HPWCs. Silent drag races are a bit of a kick too.
  • I don't know if things have changed with the MS, but I know my 75D could not handle laps around a track. It might handle autocross. But it's very heavy for that. A M3P could certainly deal with autocross... a whole lot better than I could drive, that's for sure. One thing I noticed is that the Tesla warranty explicitly excludes high performance driving like autocross and tracking. Don't get me wrong. I'm not racer. I just think it will be fun to do and to learn to be a better driver.

    This may sound weird to say on this forum, but I'm even thinking of a Manual transmission car, just for the retro aspect of it. Don't judge. Some people still ride horses. LOL. But I probably won't be able to get myself to go that far. I test drove a manual transmission Porsche Cayman. It's a fantastic car, no question. But as I was struggling to shift from 3rd to 4th gear on an onramp, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a pristine white Model-3 gliding along effortlessly. So yeah, there is that part that has me reconsidering going back.
  • @dsteal

    No judgement with motorsports. I didn't know that people even considered racing with automatic transmissions.

    Go all in and forget about street legal. When it comes to racing you can't think about warranties and your insurance won't cover agricultural excursions or love taps. Medical insurance even gets testy when there are injuries without accident reports from troopers. Most club racing during official events have some insurance... and lots of waivers.

    A Tesla advantage is no transmission and very low center of gravity.
  • We had five ICE in addition to the S. They are slowly gathering dust and slated to be sold off. Down one already, sold to a French surfer-dude who needed a reliable vehicle for Mexico. The only one I can see keeping is the off-road camper. The CyberTruck is not even close to a substitute.
  • Waiting for the next-gen 6-speed manual Nissan Z. Four years with an EV makes me miss proper 3-pedal driving with the windows down in 1st gear through a tunnel.
  • If I miss sound and gas smell I ride my motorcycle. ;)
  • By to be honest it doesn't happen often anymore and I will most likely sell my two bikes.
  • I used to ride my Harley for fun, until I bought my Model S five years ago. Then the Harley just collected dust, so I sold it - my wife was thrilled. Too much fun driving the S, you know, the perpetual Tesla grin. Now I'm waiting for my Model 3 to be delivered and have a reservation for a Cybertruck. Never ever go back!
  • I agree. After nearly 8 years in a Tesla, I'm spoiled. However, I do wish they would hurry up with some other options. I'm tired of the Model S / 3 look. Way overdue for something fresh already! I love the look of some other cars, but can't do it since I'm spoiled with AP and filling up at home. But, am ready for a change. Which comes first? A new Tesla model or an actual competitive EV model from another manufacturer?
  • I must disagree. Model S still looks sexy. Model 3 is too new for upgrade. My wife thinks it looks like Porsche. Only Model X looks meh to me. But we all got different taste so it's all different for every one. For example I love how Cybertruck looks but my friends thinks it looks too crazy. All perspective.
  • ^^^ The forum's new Koolaid intoxicated fanboi speaks.

    I'd prefer to stay with an EV next car. I figure another 2-3 years and then I'll be ready for an update. If there is a reasonable alternative to Tesla, such one of the German, Japanese or S Korean brands, I'd consider it. Otherwise, I'll go back to an ICE.

    I was satisfied with Tesla the first 2 years (despite Rivetgate), but they've been horrible since. For me, an ICE is better than dealing with Tesla's horrible customer support.
  • ^^^^^Another over the top butthurt Troll.
    Please go back to coal rollers and leave future for us.
  • Yes, ICE vehicles are just as cool. Jeep Wrangler, Harley Davidson, MB S Class and 911. All offer things you can’t get in an EV right now.

    1. Jeep for off grid adventure and utility. I do have a CyberTruck and Hummer reservation so I’m eager to revisit this in 2022. However charging infrastructure/charging time will still limit what you can do with an EV in this role.

    2. Harley Davidson for open free riding experience and the sound/rumble. Livewire is a good gen 1 but EV infrastructure and range are limiting factors. And without the sound it’s not the same.

    3. MB S Class has unmatched luxury/technology that for technical reasons are years away from being integrated into an EV. Not to mention the flexibility/convenience of more “refueling” options and range. It will probably be near 2025 when there is some parity here largely due to the weight penalties that adding S Class features would have on an EV. Taycan is close but designed for a different purpose and it the range suffered due to the weight.

    4. 911 for ultimate sustainable performance. Corvette could also be considered as well. EVs are good, but they are still a few years away from matching these cars all things considered. Taycan/M3P/MS Performance are good but not yet 911/Vette good overall after the first few minutes of being pushed. Again, charging infrastructure and charging times are limiting factors.

    For me, for the reasons above, I still want ICE vehicles in my driveway alongside of my EV. I enjoy both.
  • I guess Darth never heard about sound pollution. 🤷
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