Model 3

Side mirror auto fold

The auto fold function on reversing for the side mirrors does not seem to be able to store the setting separately for each side mirror? So if I am parallel parking and want the passenger side mirror to fold down on reverse but the driver side to stay in the normal position so I can see the oncoming traffice as I reverse, I can't do that. Submitting a request for that feature - for the side mirror auto fold function to be set individually for each side mirror.


  • Submitting a request here is pointless. Supposedly Tesla doesn't have anyone monitoring this list.

    All you have to do is select the rear camera and and swipe the up arrow to include the two side cameras. You can see the curb/s easily and leave you mirrors up to see oncoming traffic.
  • Model 3 does not provide the ability to customize the reverse mirror auto tilt position. Model S does. Guess you’ll have to upgrade. 🙂
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