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New 2020 Long Range w 20" shows only 320m/520km max?

Hi, as per the title. Bought a new long range, received in August 2020 here in Switzerland. Estimated max range shows consistently as 520km. ie. if I charge to 90% it shows 468km, etc.

I'm talking about max expected, not actual.

I thought that since software 2020.4 it was 350miles? I have the latest software 2020.48.5

I wrote to the service center, and they simply said "everything's fine, it varies by how you drive". Again, I'm not talking about actual. Fwiw, my actual seems pretty close to the battery indicated range.

thanks in advance


  • It could be your range is not calibrated, and estimating 90% to 100% is also not all that accurate either. Here's a lot more detail about range inaccuracies and how to calibrate it:

    Also is your car a Long Range (325 miles) or Long Range Plus (351 miles)?
  • Its supposed to be a Long Range Plus. That's what shows on my account, and what I bought. And wasn't the Long Range retired in 2020? I bought new in Aug 2020.
    But my car dashboard display reads "Long Range" - no mention of "Plus".
    Is that just missing software? Or is it hardware also?
  • @Stillwater - I don't know if there is any "Plus" indicated in the software visible to owners.

    The last non-Plus was manufactured in Feb-2020. Check your label when you open the driver's door for the manufacturing date. Cars take a while to get to Europe, but I'd expect yours to be a Plus, especially if that was what was on your paperwork.

    Have you actually charged to 100% and checked within an hour of reaching 100%? If you have features like Sentry mode and/or Summon standby on, you can easily lose about 1 mile of range per hour. Turn those features off if you don't want so much drain while parked.

    Also, you can expect about a 2% loss in the first year, and then about 1% per year thereafter. Most of that loss is biased to the beginning, so if you have a 1% loss by now (4 months), that wouldn't be unusual.
  • Try charging to 100% to recalibrate your battery. If this doesn't work, ask Tesla Service to recalibrate. It also depends on your charging habits.
  • Thank you TTap and Minh for your suggestions. Much more helpful than Tesla Service have been.

    My car's production date is July 2020, so it is indeed LR+.

    I charged to 100% (only went to 98%, then insisted on stopping, won't charge to 100%). 98%=318miles.

    I'll ask Tesla Service (5th time asking them about this, they keep dodging my question) to "recalibrate" per Minh's suggestion.
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