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Model S Cracked Rims

In less than a year, I've had two cracked rims that needed to be replaced and 4 tire replacements. Each one the tech said was caused by potholes. Never in 40 years of driving have I cracked even one rim. Multiple defects or bad engineering? These are 21 inch rims, why so weak? Tesla needs to fix this.


  • Not going to happen. Part of the problem is the weight of the car. Probably weights much more than your previous cars.
  • Those 21" wheels come with really narrow tires, so it is not surprising they are susceptible to frequent cracks. If you get tired of spending the money you can "downgrade" to 19" rims, which should be substantially more reliable and also improve your range and efficiency. Of course the don't look as "cool".
  • Just to be clear, I mean narrow tires not in the width but the height
  • Never in 43 years of driving and 1.5 million miles did I have a problem with a cracked wheel or a damaged sidewall. Never had a wheel larger than 15", or a car that weighed North of 4000 lbs.

    Then the wife bought a Benz with 20" wheels. Hit a minor pothole, and damaged a sidewall. $500!

    Bottom line large wheels and tires will cost more. Not Tesla's fault if you decide to go with the 21's.
  • Had 2 cracked rims on my 21 inch turbines over several years.

    But they’re so darn beautiful, I just accept it, along with tickets for no front license plate. I’m a sucker for beauty.

    Here’s a good tip I learned though -

    They’re just $229 each at

    (Vs. $1,200 at Tesla service)

    From experience, they’re great quality wheels and a perfect match.

    Saved me thousands of dollars.

    Rep and warranty - I have no relationship to that vendor, just liked what I bought.
  • ps - get the 8.5” wide rims at $223, unless you have staggered wheels (i.e. 9” wide rears)
  • It's a heavy car. The rims need to be beefier.

    This is the emmc of wheels. It's poor engineering.
  • But at least you can fix the problem without going to the SvC, or waking the Mothership.

    I'll bet if you have a nice set of OEM 21's you can get good money for them, and buy something better.
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