Model S

NEMA 14-50 240v Female to 50-250v Male

I have a 2014 MS85. I’ve moved. The new condo has an EV charging station. To my surprise, when I went to plug in the the charging cable (from 2014) the plug was different. The outlet is a 50 amp 250v. In my home,I had a 14-50 240v outlet

My question - is there an adapter I can purchase?


  • Most AC charging stations use J1772, which Tesla includes such an adapter with every car. It's black and about 5" long. Other possibilities are CCS or CHAdeMO. Tesla makes an adapter for CHAdeMO - go to the Tesla store if interested.

    Adapters in the USA are not allowed for CCS, likely to block Tesla. CCS was developed to make EV charging as painful as possible and slow EV adoption. It's a horrible system, but doing what it was intended to do - slow EV sales. It's one reason why every car with CCS has been a failure in the USA market.
  • It’s a 250v outlet. I’ve seen newer model 3 Tesla’s charging there

    I took a picture of the outlet...can I post a picture here?
  • I'm guessing it's a nema 6-50. Tesla sells an adapter for that. Is this it?

    To post pictures you need to host it at a picture/file sharing site and post the link.
  • That’s it. Thanks for your help and explanation ! I ordered the adapter
  • I have a NEMA 6-50 to that I installed, I use the Tesla adapter for the Gen 2 MC.

    Works great for 28A, which is 20 mi/hr of range.

    You will find this adapter will work in some campgrounds, and auto repair and airports, as it is common for welders.
  • I wonder if my 6-50 is still in my charger bag after all these years. Never used it but once.
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