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Should I cancel the roof?



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    > @DarkOthello- thanks for the info. My situation in Virginia is similar as I made a $1,000 deposit in August 2017. Good you are installed. I am waiting for the “Slate” version. Did you get the “Textured” version? Thanks.

    NP....I did get the textured version...regarding the slate version (I'd decide quickly) if you want to wait on that might miss the fed cred(22%-2021), and the slate version might be an afterthought in terms of the functionality of the product. From when this was introduced to the public look how LONG it took for Textured-V3 to be ready for the MASS public (Ca-2019, then a slow roll out east).

    I know this probably has been said b4, but you HAVE to stay on top of the Tesla advisors, sales people, and Project Manager when the project "transitions" to the next team or next process head...

    Keep in mind Tesla have a sales team, support & design team, permitting team, engineering team, materials team, demolition/pre-construction team, installation team, team lead(for the nonPV and PV installation crew), prefab team (if needed), quality team, electricians team, and safety team....I'm sure you get the point, but understanding how your Project Manager works/thinks is equally important once you get to that stage. My point is when you get the text/email indicating where you are in the process there's a human AND non-human element to how your project moves along...BE a nag, get names, hold people (when u get one) accountable, and when you can text, email(is best). Don't be satisfied waiting for someone to call you back initiate callbacks (get dates and times if poss).

    As someone mentioned the success of your project means becoming the main project manager of the job. There was logistical issues, personal issues(as you know the tech is new and that means training on the spot is needed for them to be building their team and process), delivery of materials, etc could have been a nightmare if I didn't have patience and insight to know these are humans and they have their OWN problems when working with others....every home is different so there's no cookie cutter way to build a roof...EVERY home is unique in it's design and application of new technology....

    I wouldn't be checking my app now daily if I didn't STAY on top of these people...I'd like to say my project is 100% complete but's 95.5% because there's always a distracted PM and you have to stay on someone to do their keep the project moving. The website when I was getting updates and information regarding my project was buggy, the information sharing was delayed and not immediate. Just be aware at all times!
  • Thanks for your insight. I can’t wait until my project is 95.5%. Much appreciated.
  • @ BLD
    My installation in California has also been less than desirable. Although the workers have been good and did a very good job, the Central layout department and billing department has been driving me crazy. They do not answer my calls or e-mails and they changed the lay out after the job was done, then they raised the price on a new layout I would NOT be getting. When they were to get the final inspection, they lied to the City Inspector about the roof lay out and he caught them in the lie and then questioned the substitution of the "Firestone" underlayment with a different "Tesla" branded underlayment. My work project started on September 21,2020 and the roof was installed , with electrical complete, on October 19, 2020 so it took them less than a month to do the actual job, but, thanks to the office and their re-designs and after the substitution of the Underlayment, as of February 15, 2021, I still do not have a final inspection from the City inspector.

    Many of the workers on my home were new but were led by a knowledgeable lead man and even though the electrical workers, that hooked up my electrical system, were not California licensed electricians, my being a retired inside Wireman with 35 years experience, I was able to supervise the "correct" installation and the City Inspector passed the electrical portion but would not finalize the job until the paperwork and labels on the main panel were correct.

    The roof itself is great and the Electrical portion is working as originally ordered. The biggest draw back is that, unlike stated in the contract that "Extras would be priced, in writing, and agreed to before construction", Tesla, and it's sub contractors, would do the work and then price it after the job was done, "verbally" and not in writing then 3 months later insist you sign a NEW agreement and contract, including the extras, plus the permit fees that were supposed to be in the original contract as part of the whole job. My $32,594.49 job turned into a $39,559.49 after the Extras that included the $5,750.00 Roof Deck Replacement required to attach their roofing system to that was placed on top of my existing slatted wood roof, which back in March of 2020, was quoted verbally, over the phone, to be $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 max.

    Although the salesman assured me the Solar Roof was made in Buffalo, New York because i wanted a "Made in USA" Roof. All the packaging and shipping containers other than the "Active Tiles", said "MADE IN CHINA". Inactive tiles, electrical components and Underlayment were not made in the USA.

    I was the second Tesla solar roof in my city and the person who got the first Tesla solar roof was so impressed by the system and Tesla, he is now a project supervisor for Tesla solar glass Roofs and had no problems at all when they put in his system just one month earlier.
  • Interesting to read your experiences. My Solar Roof install was painless (Bay Area, California). The process (roof removal, roof seal, tile install, powerwalls) was originally expected to take over 2 months and it ended up being 5.5 days. The project manager assigned to my job was on top of everything and pulled in the days so the entire process was painless. The crew here worked their butts off from 8am til after dark every day. I'm now waiting for inspection and PTO.
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