Wall charger forgot password?

So I bought a MX from a private seller and he provided the wall charger; however, did not provide the quick start guide. We have the charger installed, but are unable to connect it to WiFi because we don’t have the password that was provided on the quick start guide. The previous owner can’t seem to find the QSG either so we’re a loss at the moment. Connecting to WiFi will allow the charger to receive firmware updates as well as decide what amperage to use. Currently, we keep tripping our breaker because we have a 40amp breaker installed. Obviously we don’t want to keep doing that which is why we’re looking for an alternative way to commission the wall charger. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • The charger needs a 60 amp breaker to max the charge- assuming it is the Tesla specific charger. The password is located on the charger either on the back of the unit or inside the cover. If you google the charger it will bring up the manual which will tell you.
  • Not sure what you’re looking for, but the wall connector uses your home WiFi to get updates. You can get the wall connector manuals here:
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