Control Two Teslas from One App?

We are getting second Tesla next week and I am looking for info on how to control both of them from one app.
Should I get the same app and enter VIN or there is a way to add second VIN to the app already in use?
Thank you


  • If you use the same Tesla account, both vehicles would appear in the app. You would switch with a swipe.
  • You can do it, but sorry, I don't know if anything special is needed. If both cars are on the same account, it may be automatic.
  • automatic if you use the same account
  • We have 2 cars, each on its own account. You can allow access to your car to anyone else that has a Tesla account, so all we did was add each other to the other account.

    That may take a day to go through.

    As TranzNDance posted, once done you can swipe between the two. If you have a 3 or Y and using the phone as a phone key it will work with the car that is selected. So one key at a time. Just swipe to the other and it will work fine for the second car. That’s something to be aware of with the 3 & Y.
  • Thank you for the info. The second one does not show with swiping, most likely because the car has not been delivered yet; I do have VIN already.
  • Yeah, I bet that’s it. It’ll show up exactly when it is delivered. Enjoy!
  • Correct, you won't see the car in the app before delivery, and it could take a couple of days to appear. Using one account for multiple cars is the most convenient option in my opinion, and that's what I do.

    I have both my S and my wife's 3 associated with my account, but my wife created her own account after delivery and we associated the 3 with that account also. In other words, I see both cars on my mobile app, but my wife only sees her car on her app.
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