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Defective Autopilot cameras upon delivery for New 2020 Long Range Plus

This is my first Tesla. I took delivery of a new 2020 Model X long range plus last Saturday (Nov. 28th) in Costa Mesa. I paid for full self driving upgrade. Right after I drove off the delivery parking lot, I got on fwy 405 and tried Autopilot features. The car veered off lanes and was almost hit by a car behind. I got an error message "Autopilot cameras unavailable". I had to make a service request to get it repaired. The initial appointment of Dec. 2nd was postponed to Dec. 15th due to "lack of parts". I pleaded a Tesla rep for faster repair or a loaner car, I was completely ignored.

Is there any way to push Tesla for faster repair? I am very disappointed by the quality of Tesla. Can I cancel the purchase or ask Tesla for some credits?




  • Sorry about your problems. Like every automaker, occasionally some problems crop up with a new car. I'm sure Tesla will take care of you. Meanwhile, enjoy the car, but don't use AP until it is fixed. Not sure what a loaner car would get you other than a much older car and one without FSD or it might be an ICE car. Tesla only provides loaners once the car is in the shop, and then if it will take several days to fix. If it's a quick one day fix, they will provide Uber credits to get you to work/home and back.
  • I have not get my Tesla model x yet, it will be here in about 20 day, so it very helpful, so I will know when my Tesla is here!
  • Don't u have 7 days grace period to return the car? As I understand it (in UK anyway)?

    I myself also just took delivery of a model 3 ( refresh model from Fremont) at Thrope park just outside London. The right hand side camera not working right from the start and when I asked the handover staff about it they were like, yes this batch seems to have the same issue (why didn't they say so???) Which means I only have the adaptive cruise control for now...

    Parts due to arrive in 2-3 weeks time hopefully will get this sorted by xmas.
  • This isn't just a new batch of defective cameras.

    I hope everyone here has an easier time getting this issue fixed then I have. Two years and (7) repairs orders later they once again think they have the issue fixed. Tesla has replaced (3) right side cameras, wiring harness for cameras, and the computer so far.

    I have some advice for everyone that is having issues with their cars don't wait and hope they will be fixed by OTA updates. Look up your state's lemon law guidelines and make sure Tesla gets these issues resolved during that time frame so they don't keep getting away with letting these issues linger on for years. Start building your case
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