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Got my system installed in one day and I'm happy

I am pleased with Tesla Energy. Although the Tesla web site lacks details, overall the system configured was very reasonable including the battery. The initial layout was slightly off but the installers were able to modify the plan and did a great job. Complements to the Tesla Petaluma Ca. Platinum team for a clean installation.


  • Excellent! Congrats on joining the clean energy team, and thanks for taking the time for posting your positive experience. The few of us from the vast majority that have had good results with Tesla that take the time to posts here, get lonely sometimes.
  • My system received it’s PTO on Dec 1. I’m thrilled to have the system up and running. My compliments to the Tesla Energy group in Petaluma. They did a great job. The project wasn’t without it’s challenges. We flunked the fire inspection because of the fact that a fire sprinkler pump requires special treatment in the panel. That was fixed. Otherwise any delays that we experienced were due to slow turn around time at the City of Santa Rosa. We doubled our system size (to 8kw) on the day of the install and the engineers, warehouse and crews were all on board to help. System was installed the same day. However, the issuance of the updated permit took about 6 weeks. The initial permit took about 3 weeks. I’ve referred both of my neighbors and their projects are moving through the system now; one installed, one awaiting permits from the City and the Fire Department. Thank you Tesla!
  • Clarification on the Fire Pump requirement- the Fire Inspectors in our area require that the breakers for the fire pump(if you have one) be tied together with another 240 breaker in the panel. This way if the fire pump breaker trips you know it is down because your stove or water heater or electric dryer or whatever you’ve tied it to go down too. The electricians doing the panel installs don’t seem to realize the importance of this quirk. The install will fail the fire inspection if not set up correctly adding time and frustration. We have a fire sprinkler pump because our house, newly built after the Tubbs Fire, has low line pressure in the neighborhood.
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