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Powerwall capacity?

I just got Solar installed, 10.2 kWh solar panels and 3 Powerwalls. In the documentation it says the capacity is 13.5 per powerwall. So for me it should be 40.5 kWh total. However when it charged to 100% today, the “to powerwall” was only 14.2 kWh in the App. The powerwall was at 3% before charging. Am I right to assume 40.5 as the capacity and that something is wrong with my system or am I missing something?


  • It could just be a reading error, especially if each powerwall was at a different level of charge since they were just installed.
  • While there is 40.5 kWh of batteries, part of that capacity is reserved for battery health and longevity. I'm not sure of the amount but less than 10% is reserved, likely about 5%.

    I agree that you need to go through at least one charge cycle to get good info. Also, check at the bottom of the app where the image of the Powerwall appears and confirm it states "3x Powerwalls".
  • Thank you guys! I guess one day of charge cycle helped correct this. I also had shut the powerwalls off for a couple of mins before they started charging today. One of the 2 things or both helped as now the percentage is accurately displaying what energy is going in.
  • Sometimes, fancy electronic devices need to be kicked in their figurative groin to get their attention...
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