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Anyone had a creaking noise in new X near front passenger dash?

Took delivery in Sept. and there has been a a very prominent creaking sound that is very noticeable when driving, particularly when slowing down. Sound was emanating from the body near the front passenger dash area.

Took it into service and was told "a lower body seam is lacking sufficient sealant". Car is heading to the body shop to have the repair made.

Curious if anyone else has had such an issue and whether it was resolved?


  • Same issue with March 2020 X. Found mine to be the wood inlay creaking on passenger side, and I was able to replicate / reduce based upon pressure applied. It has been fine last few months, but also entering colder months here in NE. Good Luck.
  • Was your “creaking” typically noticeable upon acceleration? That’s my experience, sounds almost like something is loose and needs to be tightened. I have noticed similar sounds in our M3, but seem to be from the rear of the car?? Haven’t taken either in to have serviced yet, guess I should.
  • Heard it with both accelerating and decelerating, but especially decelerating.

    Got my car back and issue was solved with the application of the sealant.
  • Transatlantic, I have 2021 Long Range Plus, received delivery on Dec 21, 2020. I am noticing the same symptoms you have described. Driving me crazy... I am glad I saw your post about this issue. Which service center did you use? I have an appointment with the service dept on Monday.. How much work was it for the body shop?
  • Transatlantic, I would appreciate it if you can share some details about the lower body seam? About where is it etc? or if you can post a picture of your service order explaining what was done to fix the issue.
  • Had the same issue with my 2021 MX when I was accelerating. after 3 visits to the Tesla service, one of the mechanics finally replaced the front half shafts and the problem was solved.
  • JakeD, are you reffering to Shudder while accelrating? typcially half shafts are solution for the shudder issue. My issue is clicking sound even at low speed accelration and de accelration.
  • I wanted to post back the solution for this issue for my X. As per service, they replaced all clips on passenger side lower A-pillar and re-adjusted trim. So this has fixed the clicking noise in my 2021 Dec delivered X.
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