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Radio turns on when in garage

OK - My 2020 X will periodically start playing the radio/XM (last station) when parked in home garage. I have moved the keys far away and tried other options. The only cure seems to be locking with the APP. Anyone have this and/or a solution? thanks!


  • Is the display on as well? If so, it sounds like either a door is not closed completely (even 1/4" will consider it open), or one of the door sensors is not working reliably. The radio should not come on with the doors closed - locked or unlocked.
  • thx, I don't recall seeing the screen on. I will have to be more diligent to check. Also, if a door sensor was bad I would get a door open warning since I have that alert on. will advise as i find out more during this investigation.
  • One other thought is the touch screen is misfiring and turning on. Any touch turns it on, and the radio will start playing. If you're in a very dry area, it's possible static electricity might trip the display on. With a damp towel and a tiny amount of soap, wipe down the display. That should reduce static electricity.

    It may also be the touch electronics are damaged and firing off randomly. In that case, service would need to replace the MCU.
  • @"" thanks, yes CT (USA) is very dry this time of year. Has only occurred once since you responded initially and the screen was on. Will try the suggestions. thx!
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