Model X

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Range Loss

Just went on my first trip with new X (stated range of 371). Range was 326 miles when I started. I drove 220 miles and actually had to add 70 miles at a supercharger. Ended trip with 40 miles range left. So used 350 "miles" on a 220 mile trip. Temp was in the 30's. While I expected cold weather drain, not at almost 2-1 ratio?? Is this normal??


  • Likely normal. You didn't state at what speed you were traveling. EPA range is for 65 mph, flat, no wind, 70F. The cold weather can cost you 20-30% range. Here are a lot more details on range that new owners may find helpful:

    It has a chart that shows various items and what reduces or increases range, for both an EV and ICE vehicles.
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