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Power Flow Not accurate or not working?

This morning Power Flow shows Grid 2.5 kW so turned off just about everything in the house. No change in Grid still 2.5 kW has not moved in an hour. Also the Grid white power circle is pulsating, flashing slightly. How can this be?

Can you trust this report?



  • I trust mine, as it lines up with what's on the inverter screen and what the main utility e-meter is showing.

    You do know that no-one on this forum works for Tesla, right?
  • Yes I know that, thanks, where is the inverter screen you refer to. I do not see it on any of my equipment. I have two inverters, 2 PW's.
  • @RLSolar - Some systems have microinverters, some with larger inverter units that have an LCD screen and menu buttons - others with large inverters, but no such info. It may depend on the system too. For example, I have a solar roof and two Delta inverters, each has a display and you can use the buttons to look at various data such as voltage, current, and power from each string.

    Sounds like there is a glitch. Have you checked your utility meter to confirm there is no load? You might wait a day and see if it clears. I think there is a reset button in the TEG (grey box) that might clear the issue as well. That's where Tesla measures grid power.
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