Model X

How many or what percentage of people rejected the car at delivery time?

With all the horror stories and posts of people having problems with defects and the like at delivery time, I am curious. From what I have read from posts and articles is that a lot of this happened early on with Tesla and maybe the manufacturing quality has gotten lots better since?
How many took the time to use a checklist? I am planning on doing so if I can get this list completely updated from a link on a post that I downloaded into Word to edit and add stuff.
I will post a link as well to my updated list if anybody wants it to do with it as they please.


  • I'd guess less than 0.1%. The vast majority of owners are quite happy with their cars. You don't get the industry-leading owner satisfaction of 97% without it - higher than any other manufacturer. You'll note that the same few people repeat over and over, so a few people make it look like more people have issues than really do. There there are some paid shills like howard and FISHEV that just repeat and embellish what others say to make it look worse.
  • I rejected the 2020 X on delivery due to dents in rear and dirty interior. The Delivery Center was awesome to find me another one that day, prep it and we jointly inspected it. This was the last day before they had to shut down for COVID, very busy and they still did me right. Love the car, minor issue with a motor at 2,000 miles, they picked up the car and brought back in perfect condition, no repeat of the issue. I have had great service for that and road crew once to replace water filled lens in rear.
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