Model X

I just want to carry bikes on my Model X.

It's a 2017, just after the hitch option was phased out. And now the tow package with the hitch receiver, tow bar, etc. is $1250. That plus the cost of a hitch mount bike rack comes to more than I'd like to spend to carry bikes. The falcon doors make a roof rack impossible, and I can't find a trunk mount bike rack that fits the X. Tesla won't sell the hitch receiver alone and they don't recommend putting in an aftermarket one. Which doesn't matter, because I can't find a company that makes a hitch receiver compatible with the X. Do the venn circles of Model X owners and bike riders just not overlap, so no one else has noticed it's not possible to carry bikes on an X? Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.


  • Drop the 2nd row seat and put your bike inside. I belong to the overlap cohort in the Venn diagram and transport my bikes inside of our 2019 MX at times or on the hitch mounted rack at other times.
  • My Tesla came with the hitch installed. I went to the local Rack Attack and bought a 4 Bike Yakima FullTilt 4 (which I am told they are the OEM for Tesla) and bought it at a substantially reduced price, I think around $300. They installed it and service it often for free.

    It works great and actually tilts so that you can open the trunk door with no hassle! (A few times I forgot to do the tilt, pressed the Trunk Open, still the trunk opened perfectly OK 👍 )

  • That’s a factor that made me go with the Y
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