Northern California

PPA Transfer Mismanaged - Poor Customer Service - No integration between departments

I will preface this by saying we have been a Tesla product supporter for many years (own a Model 3, was the first person to have a PowerWall installed in Sonoma County). They have great ideas and novel products, but in my experience their execution and customer service has been piss-poor.

We sold our property in Sonoma Co back in June, and thought the PPA Transfer was completed then, only to be surprised with a past due invoice for solar service through October. I've been trying to dispute this for over the past month, and nothing (not even an official acknowledgement that the matter is being investigated). I had to jump through hoops just to find a contact phone number. They don't even provide a number on your invoice, and they send you on this wild goose chase of having to submit inquiries on their website (which is semi-functional most times). I've talked to seven agents, and each time they give you the lip service that a case was opened and marked as "urgent". On several occasions, the agent has told me they will call back with a Supervisor later that day. ALL LIES. Nobody knows what other departments are doing, and there is no integration. They try to pawn off the problem to someone else (billing, title, web support, etc.)

We are scheduled to have a PowerWall installed in our new house in February, but based on this experience, I am on the verge of cancelling the order altogether. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT A CUSTOMER WHO HAS SUPPORTED YOU FROM THE BEGINNING, AND IS WILLING TO SPEND $$$$ ON FUTURE PRODUCTS.
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