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What are the default accessories on 2021 Model X ?

Can someone who got a 2021 Long Range Plus please say yes/no?

1. Tow Hitch
2. Advanced Theft Protection
3. Front Floor Mats (all-weather)
4. Rear Floor Mats (2nd and 3rd row all-weather)
5. Frunk Floor Mats
6. Trunk Floor Mats
7. Wireless Mobile Charging
8. Tire Repair Kit
9. Anything else not called out here?


  • I test drove a 2021 MX this week. So, i dont have as much knowledge as a current owner. but since no one has replied yet, i will briefly reply. the car does come with a tow hitch. It also comes with the UMC (Universal Mobile Charger) and an upper windshield screen. I dont know what "Advanced Theft Protection" is. Have never heard of "Wireless Mobile Charging". I dont think it comes with a tire repair kit. I doubt it comes with any of the all weather mats you mention. At least my prior Teslas (S & 3) didnt come with those.
  • A guy on the TMC forum shared a delivery checklist, and also a video of his delivery inspection in September. This should answer most yourquestions.
  • Items 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 can all be purchased from the Tesla order page. They are not included with the base purchase. You can always go to a showroom and check out the X. Worth a test drive too!
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