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Cybertruck Headlight Bar

During the initial unveil event, there were some controversies about the front headlight bar in the center of the Cybertruck, whether it is road legal or simply the looks of it. Since then, there were sightings of Elon driving from the restaurant with a dimmed or non existent light in the middle and the Hummer EV was unveiled with the same center bar headlight. Would love to have an option to the return of the center bar headlight on the Cybertruck!


  • I don't think the center is a headlight, but just a lighted strip, which is fully legal if not too bright. There are requirements on beam spread for headlights, specifically to not blind oncoming traffic. I don't think there is any requirement of where headlights are placed in the front. On the Cybertruck, they are on the outside edges, like most cars today. Think of the center as more of a daytime running light.
  • The late 80's early 90's Mercury Sable had lights all the way across. The center section wasn't very bright, and the headlights were on the corners like normal.
  • I have always thought that having the lights at the top of a vehicle and aiming down would be easier on oncoming traffic rather than having the headlights blasting at cars at head level. I remember seeing Crocodile Dundee where a truck had headlights on the top and that made me wonder why the idea never took off!
  • I think that acts more like a LED Light Bar for off-road use not so much for street driving.
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