Model X

Come To Me and Summon

I had to reverse my Tesla from a tightly parked position. I saw the app Come T Me on my Tesla app. I used it with somewhat of a confused success. I had to press it repeatedly. It completely shut down and came back to life. But I was able to reverse the car on to the driveway.

But while trying to move the car forward standing in front of it, it almost hit my other car parked inside the garage.

Now the whole app is MISSING in the app!

I am confused about Summon. Any literature or discussions on pros and cons of each of these apps?


  • What is the difference between summon and smart summon?
  • Summon is move forward or backward
    Smart summon, MX will drive on its own to your location from parking lot
  • > @supercomputer1 said:
    > What is the difference between summon and smart summon?

    Regular summon is used to go backward and forward, and slightly turn the wheels to navigate through obstacles.

    Smart Summon will navigate itself through parking lots or basically anywhere other than streets. Keep in mind it doesn't always find the best path or can get easily confused.

    In my garage, we have a steep slope, so summon doesn't work, and it is inconsistent.
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