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solar+PW installed, talks to EV wall charger?

I have had a Tesla EV wall charger in my garage for charging my Model S at home, for a couple years. I just got my new Tesla Solar +2xPW system turned on last week.
Someone (IRL/offline) said to me recently that the wall charger should be on my wifi network and should "talk" to the solar gateway somehow to optimize car charging in some way.
WTH is this about? Can someone explain please?
I don't think my wall charger is connected to my wifi network at all. Didn't even know it could be.


  • no its not connected.. TEG (tesla energy gateway) intelligently makes sure you pull energy from grid and not drain PW. TEG looks at the total amount your home needs at any time.
  • If you have a 3rd Gen Tesla HPWC you can connect it to your wifi for firmware updates and future features. It can work with your powerwalls so if your power goes out and you are over producing solar when your powerwalls are full, it can push power that your PWs don't have room for to your Tesla EV.
  • The wifi enabled charger is not necessary for the coordination. So long as the vehicle and TEG are on the same network (and account), the communication is enabled. I have an older charger (not wifi) and the option is available and enabled for me.
    My SPECULATION is the wifi charger version is likely required to enable vehicle to grid at some future point.
  • How do I know if I have a 3rd Gen HPWC or not?
  • From the Gen 3 Wall Connector manual:

    "This manual applies to Wall Connectors identified by part number 1457768-**-*."
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