Model X

Premium sound?

I just purchased my second Tesla, a CPO 2017 MX with Ultra High Fidelity Sound. I had an S with UHF Sound.
The C sounds nothing like the S did:(
I’ve driven other X’s with premium sound and they sound great. Did Tesla change something in their sound packages? Or could their be something wrong with mine?


  • Check the audio settings. It could be someone prior to you set strange equalizer settings. I'd start with all flat and maybe go 2 -4 dB up on the high-end if you're older (as we older guys/gals lose some of the high-end hearing).

    Depending on if you have MCU1 or MCU2, there is Dolby Surround or Immersive Sound. Try turning these options on/off to see how it sounds. Most found Dolby Surround rather distorted.

    Lastly, check the balance. Perhaps it is oddly set. I like it centered Left/Right, and about 20% to the rear.
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