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  • Reading sentiment online Sunday night, and reading between the lines of the latest fud narrative headlines, starting to get the feeling that there’s about a 50% chance that TSLA actually ends up above $700 on Monday.

    We’ll soon see.

    The weird thing for most of us is that even on down days, it doesn’t shake the conviction that it‘ll go far higher over time. We’ve seen it prove out repeatedly.

    The faith of HODL’s has been a good bet.

    TSLA is the best online show streaming today.

    More entertaining than Netflix.

    A leisuretime passion that makes you money.

    Life is good!
  • It's likely. From November, what we have on the table this week into next month is Q4 production numbers, second half of S&P buy, holiday update, and between now and next month there is the earnings call and hopefully cybertruck updates.

    Giga China is doing Model Y test runs, and giga Berlin is almost done. Next year is going to be everything but boring.
  • Actually, even Boring may start to be yet another growth driver.
  • Btw - take a look at the latest photos of Giga Austin.

    Suddenly there’s a lot of steel erected.

    Shanghai set the bar for speed, and now Elon’s leveraged the pride of both Germans and Texans, racing to beat that record.

    You don’t mess with Texans.

    I bet their can-do spirit will impress.
  • Pre market trades 650ish on immaterial volume.

    That’s likely just optics tweaking before opening.

    After the first hour of trading, we’ll start to get a feel for direction for the day.

    Gotta believe that some benchmark and other funds will want to start making some measured buys.

    It sure seems like it‘s not going to be cheaper after q4 data.
  • Macro futures off sharply on Covid/U.K. news. Friday closing range was 550-566 before closing cross event. Wider access PM opens in 20 minutes.
  • Wedbush PT upgrade from 560 to 715
  • Dan Ives gets it ahead of his peers.
  • New UK covid mutation illustrates why effective therapeutics like ivermectin are so important to the toolbox.
  • Nice 7am open demand blip
  • Giga Texas is collosal
  • Tera
    Everything’s bigger...
  • ur right, it is tera texas
  • Don’t Mess With TSLA
  • So far, the ‘resting after heavy Friday trading’ model looks close to where we land today.

    Been pretty steady at 660 for most of the day, on 45M shares of volume.

    Unsurprisingly, in the last minutes of the day, some selling to lower it, which is the classic leveraged way of setting a lower close without sacrificing too many shares of holdings.

    Only a small volume of trades needed to spin closing quote optics.

    More fun and games with hedge funds, but I think it just means more back-pressure buildup for benchmark funds to start buying sooner rather than later. That should bring a good updraft.
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  • *Surprised
  • Give the mods some time to finish their reorg -

    Topic is indeed about TSLA (General) rather than Model S, so I’d expect the same move for this thread.
  • As to TSLA price tomorrow -

    If it eases even a tad, whole family - all including kids - have automatic limit orders to buy more.

    Voting with our pocketbooks.

    A 650 stock that’s got a clear path to 1,000 in 12 mos - is a buy.

    I’d say ‘safe, diverse’ Index Funds have much higher risk, and far lower upside.

    And I’ll take that $20B bet TSLA ain’t going bankrupt from here on.

    Cash in bank, great free cash flow, and S&P100 top 6 - all of this has fundamentally de-risked its valuation, and makes it much tougher for fudsters to bash.

    New era for TSLA.

    More good news to come.
  • Better’s Bar 🥃🥃🥃 Dec 31 TSLA Calls

    $1,000 - WW_icefree

    $795.00 - Samo

    $772.50 - Sentabo

    $765.00 - Shesmyne2

    $750.00 - Ohmster

    $740.00 - andy_conner_e

    $734.20 - NKYTA

    $725.00 - Mark K

    $714.20 - SbMD

    $700.00 - Aerodyne

    $682.69 - Bighorn

    $649.50 - TeslaTap


    Stats -

    Average of above 12 predictions = $752.34

    So far, the crowd is pointing to Ohmster as the prophet.
  • > @"Mark K" said:
    > Better’s Bar 🥃🥃🥃 Dec 31 TSLA Calls
    > ——————————————————————
    > Stats -
    > Average of above 12 predictions = $752.34
    > So far, the crowd is pointing to Ohmster as the prophet.

    I do like the sound of that, but will certainly not protest if any of more celestial aspirations pan out.....
  • My wife is the tequila connoisseur, so I’m happy with her prediction. 😁
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