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TSLA. $$$. Past, Present, and Future.



  • For $TSLA Wednesday - our samples so far all show up.

    650, 667, 670

    None pointing to a new bottom, including Gary Black.
  • My Tesla to Apple investment value ratio is currently 20:1.
  • This is the decade where people will throw money at hype, despite zero substance.
  • Nice am jump after initial pull down.
  • Betting windows are closed🧐
  • Guesses at close will be uncannily precise😊

    But in fairness to inconel, now that it’s in the 640’s, will it close there, or end lower or higher at day’s end?
  • I'll let you know at 4:00 EST.
  • Looking like Bighorn may be closer to target, we’ll see.
  • Will you be needing my address? 😂
  • Fortunately QQQ didn’t drag us at the close.
  • Quiet day, expect tomorrow will be light as well.

    More action next week, before year end accounting.
  • Bighorn - you called today with greatest accuracy. 👌🏼

    Bottle goes to Dec 31 winner🥃

    Depending on how this plays out, we may award it in person.

    If the 1K call wins, I suspect we’ll have to drink a few bottles😀
  • Titanate, not titinate.

    Although the latter sounds inadvertently more titillating😷
  • Between titillate and titanic the former does sound better
  • All I can say to Apple:" See you in 2024 in my CyberTruck".
  • Is that like Alphabet —> Google?

    As long as I can buy me some interest in SpaceX...
  • Heading straight up to 670...
  • Up 2.4% for the day, close to ~662, in light, half-day volume.

    Outperformed S&P by 6X.

    Small deltas, but trending up before a long holiday is a sign of confidence and optimism about next week.
  • NKYTA - Re the X plan -

    There are - ideas, good ideas, ideas to do, and ideas to do now.

    At the moment, on that spectrum, this is a ‘good idea’.

    Elon broached this idea 4 years ago. He bought the domain.

    My guess is he will eventually do it.

    But he’ll choose his moment wisely.

    He’s likely to let Tesla get much stronger first.

    Tesla can serve as the financial bedrock for all the others.

    Then bringing in the other capital-intensive growth vehicles will create the right synergy. A fresh injection of blue sky growth opportunity, while Tesla is already riding high.

    This will answer the question - ‘where next for more hyper-growth?’

    And we TSLA shareholders will all get the benefit of that boost.

    Life is good.


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  • Volume was pretty decent for an abbreviated day. See what happens when sellers take a day off? Big closing volume in anticipation of the typical Monday AM bump. That and BMs on tenterhooks over a breakout. Only $20 of breathing room before they miss getting in under $695.
  • 13.33% more by end of year?

    Certainly feasible.
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