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Radio Upgrade

I got the infotainment upgrade and at the time the only option was that you lost AM, FM, and XM stations. I use FM only when in dead zones with no LTE. Now there is the Radio Upgrade and In Canada we are charged $690. I feel at the min we should get a discount.


  • Well, I'd like to get a new P100D for half price, but I don't see it happening.

    Tesla was very clear that MCU2 upgrade stops AM/FM/XM from working. For MCU1 the radios are all analog audio. For MCU2 they switched to digital radios so there is no analog input in MCU2 to get the radio audio. To add FM/XM requires a new radio, a new wiring harness, and a fair amount of labor. The pricing is actually quite reasonable.

    Most conventional cars would charge $4000+ (US) for a replacement infotainment module which may not include the radios either. And that replacement would add no new features. They make you buy a new car for that.
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