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HOWTO reset height of truck liftgate ALL locations?

I thought a much earlier OS supported the ability to reset the height setting of the rear trunk liftgate. In my garage, it respects the height I originally set just like the falcon doors (FWDs), but everywhere else away from our house, it doesn't.

In other words, when NOT home & outside, the FWD's open 100% but the rear liftgate opens only about 70%... same as when it's in my garage.

Can you (and if so how?) reset the height settings? I'm ok if I have to do a complete reset so that I even lose the height set when at home (I can reset that myself later). I've gone so far as to do a full factory reset hoping that would blow away ALL settings on the car... which it did (Homelink, profiles, autopilot settings, etc), except the rear liftgate.

Context: late 2018 MX 100D FSD | OS 2020.48.10


  • Yep, the rear liftgate is one height all the time. There is no location-aware control of the liftgate height once you set it.

    It's been a desired feature for a while, but I suspect the liftgate controller is not programable from MCU. It's likely a self-contained module.
  • The question was about resetting it to forget it everywhere. Is that not possible?
  • Do you mean you want the liftgate go fully up everywhere? If so, open it and then manually push it up to the topmost position. Press and hold the trunk button until it beeps, about 5 seconds.
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