Georgia Registration Help

I recently moved to Georgia from out of state. When I took delivery of a Model Y last week, I did not yet have my GA driver's license, so my car is registered with temp Florida tags (since I picked up the car in Jacksonville.) The Tesla Delivery Specialist noted that I simply needed to supply my GA license number to Tesla once I received it in order to get my Georgia tags. Well, I now have my Georgia DL, but I can't figure out how to get the info to Tesla. No response so far from my original sales rep or my request for Support, so looking for any helpful tips here. (Sorry for the cross-post--did not realize there was a Georgia regional forum.)


  • I posted this under your cross-post:

    I suggest you also call the Georgia DMV to ensure you will have the paperwork required. Also, you will pay the Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT), could be a couple of grand, and an Alternate Vehicle Fee.
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