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Feedback for my car buying

my experience to Tesla car buying
I heard many good things about tesla but my experience was not not not good. i have order and taken delivery from Dedham, MA my sales representative was Michael Berkman. looks like he was interested in only sales just that no single response or help from him. he worked with me to pick my model X this is gift for my son on his birthday, i clearly asked 4-5 time will i get delivery on December 3rd (that's my son's birthday) and what I picked that tesla is coming from Texas.

i said if not possible then i can pick from local or from east cost so i can get delivery on time, he said let me confirm and after 2 hours he said you will get delivery on December 2nd so please don't worry.

so we ordered and that's it Mr. Michael Berkman last detail discussion was that.
i have to literally call him so many times, i was nervous because my son's birthday was coming and no update finally he came on call (when i called at Dedham show room number) he said NO your car is not other explanation.

when i asked for explanation said transportation is with 3rd party we do not have visibility. WOW

he called me on 3rd (my son's birthday morning) and say hey can you come to showroom we have car for you i was so exited i took day off and went to store he was not there because that was his weekly dayoff. another representative (Henry i guess nice guy) help and i came to know what i am getting on 3rd is loaner car NOT my car.....i dont know why he did that ??? what i am going to do with loaner ? am i going to give loaner to my son and say hey take this car i will switch car after 4 days (new deliver date on 7th)

again 5th Saturday morning i got call from Michael and said hey your car is here (so again miss communicated in delivery date) i said you sure, i dont want to come just like that he said no no we have your car and while you come everything will be ready you pay dues and sign paper work (2-3 sign) and you will be all set.

so i went there i literally waited 3 hours 20 min i understand Saturday he might be busy but after he came and said RMV went down just now wait for 20 min it should be up soon i said ok no problem. he came back after 35 min and said no because of weather RMV servers might not come back up please come on Monday (if he did check-in before i could easily take delivery on that day)
that not it for that day he said your loaner we just sold so please take another loaner car WOW (what i have to tell home why i am changing cars ??)

finally 7th December came i called him at 10 he said come around noon time i went i saw my nice car amazing BUT.....
- paper work says car has 20 miles (actually it was 49) its ok no big deal
- he put my car for charging but mean while he finish paper work and mark car as delivered i asked do i have to pay for charging if yes then i can go home and charge near to my house (my house 50 min far so no need so seat there) he said no no today entire day whatever you charge its on tesla don't worry i seat there for 2 hours charge my car and went (next day i saw 73 miles deducted from my referral miles you can check my account) i have no words
- while driving back i saw tire pressure light on so before delivery no one check tire pressure also

that's it so sorry for long detail massage but this is not at all good experience.
if you see i have model Y booked on my account but i don't think i am going to get another car from tesla after this....and i will say no to my friends and family too.

car is amazing what a feel......

for delivery time he did not walk me thru on how to use car he said you use our loaner and more detail see videos...after buying 100K car no walkthrough process very disappointment (i am still watching videos for small small things, like for steering wheel heated i have to spend 20 min to find video)

thats it from me....thank you
ujwal raval
[email protected]
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