Washington DC

Considering Selling my Model S 100D (2018) w/ FSD

Color is red, with the cream/ tan interior. Basically I may be moving to Europe and I can easily have my car transported, but well use of the car in Europe is a bit limiting. So looking to see if I can get a reasonable sell price to be worth selling versus transporting or housing here while I am there.

Millage: ~ 22k miles
Condition: very good
Has after market all weather floor mats
I am sure there is other stuff to state, but have not thought it all the way through.

If you are someone you know is interested send a reply and we can chat.


  • I have read on the forum that minimally your navigation will not work in Europe on a US built and delivered car. Perhaps a SIM card or something can be changed but it did not look promising. You might want to ask the question in the General forum. Good luck.
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