Model S Troubles?

I went from a super fan of Tesla to a very disappointed customer. I traded in my Model S for another Model S (2020) because I refuse to drive anything else.

The delivery was fine not much other than a signature. However, Day 1 I was faced with a window that needed to be recalibrated, a trunk that needed to be re-mounted and a charge port that needs to be replaced.

Day 1, I spoke with Tesla (Riley) and he told me that I had 7 days to return. We both agreed that I’d wait for the service call that was already scheduled before I made a final decision.

Day 7, it seems like the return policy changed because there is no return policy. My ask was to replace it with another 2020 Tesla.

Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed. I live I Austin and was thrilled that Elon was moving here and starting the new factory. My suggestion is that he should stay in CA and improve the customer experience.
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