Northern California

Horrible Customer Service from Tesla Solar Systems Team

After completing my solar + powerwall installation with Tesla, I feel that I have been subject to a most awful customer service experience. My installation was completed at the end of September 2020 and I received the permission to operate my system from my utility company in October 2020.

Since my installation, I have had to request 2-3 service calls to fix my installation. My experience has been atrocious thus far - in each case, Tesla takes about 2 business weeks to acknowledge the problem and then suggests an appointment window that is more than a month away. I was wondering what kind of experience others have been through.

I am frustrated by this level of customer service and I am wondering if there is an avenue where my concerns would be heard.


  • Sorry for your problems. Is it working fine now? I had Tesla service out for a segment not working and they came out in a week and took care of it. I was impressed, especially considering all the COVID disruptions.
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