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New Model Y camera cold & moisture question

Sorry for this post being so lengthy. So I just received my new Y this past Wednesday in Chicago. The weather the last few days has been quite cold (10-15 F). While driving yesterday, I noticed a popup on my display saying the passenger door camera wasn’t able to see (in different words). When I exited the car, I noticed that moisture in the shape of a fingerprint was covering the camera eye. I tried wiping it thinking someone has just touched it, but it was on the inside of the glass. After leaving the destination hours later, the moisture was gone and the camera seemed to be working normally.

Has anyone else had issues with moisture inside the camera assembly like this, and/or should I schedule a service call for it?


  • Normal. It will clear itself as the air conditioning runs in the car. :)
  • My Model Y had the same message for the passenger door camera @ 15 F, i am also in Chicago.
  • I'm in FL, and the same occurs when there is a big outside temp change causing moisture on inside of camera area. It reslves pretty quickly as the car runs. Interestingly, the camera itself does not appear to be affected.
  • That's normal. It will go away as the HVAC runs.
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