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New Display Layout is Horrendous



  • Cry babies will go away in couple of days.
  • > @WW_icefree said:
    > Cry babies will go away in couple of days.

    Well maybe not. I highly suspect its just a bunch of new accounts from the existing Trolls. So the original Trolls will still be here. :-(
  • I’ve seen many changes and improvements to the UI over the last few years and find this one easy to use. The same functionality is there with improved information provided. I could see the car behind me at a traffic light. Lane lines are showing as different types more clearly, the speedometer is still larger than any other car I’ve owned and the map is plenty large enough to know when and where to make the next turn. I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m an old guy with horrible vision and the new UI works for me. Can’t wait for V11 to come along.
  • Great update. Bigger car area shows more info including better blind spot detection.
  • Some people can't adjust to change and I can understand that.
  • Although I liked the past version with a larger speedo better, the PRND is something I almost never look at so either way is fine and I'd rather see the green bar on energy. However, as I just took a drive (it's 7:00 PM) it seems that the "cards" for mileage and air pressure do not work on the night screen. They did work when I parked in the garage. I assume that the increased left side real estate is for future FSD visualizations and I, like most others, would like the ability to customize as I really did like the larger NAV screen. I am thrilled that I now can (I think) let the car start charging at the appropriate time (nearest to depart time) as my elec. provider has only one rate. I've suggested many times and to Elon's twitter account that the speed limit sign start with a green outline and change to yellow and red as we pass through our selected buffer.. Score me as neutral
  • > @bjrosen said:
    > Grow up HAL. You know I didn't just join this forum, I've been an active member since I bought my Tesla in 2019.

    I said “Many” not “All”. And if you go back through the people shouting from the roof tops you too will see “Many” but not all have just joined. So I think I am grown up enough.
  • @HAL2001, @bjrosen: My opinion is sort of in Hal's direction. The troll directive is to mess up the forums, creates angst when there isn't any, and, if there's a pit, go into mountains from molehills mode. A GUI change definitely brings out people's preferences: Consider the angst when Microsoft switched from pull-down menus to the ribbon. I didn't care on that one, particularly, although it took a while to figure out where all the options were.
    But, with this, there'll be people like Mr. bj here who have valid, considered opinions about why they don't like it - followed by the trolls screaming in unison.
    I think the UI change could use some solid discussion about the merits or lack thereof, but with the trolls present (and it being difficult to tell a troll from a non-troll), the solid discussion becomes, well, more difficult to do.
  • Much ado about nothing. I haven't noticed any functionality changes so far, just some minor UI improvement. I'd like to be able to turn the car when in park.
  • I too do not care for the new display due mainly to small print and light gray of the print makes it too difficult to see. They should also make the red tail and brake lights more visible on the display....just my two cents.
  • Looks fine. The side by side of speedo and speed limit makes sense to me. Like the direct access to wiper, rear camera, and charging by tapping battery level. Would prefer that to toggle to percentage though.....

    I don’t understand why the nav screen needs to be any bigger for people, what detail are you looking for? Turn left ahead....
  • > @HAL2001 said:
    > What is VERY interesting is many of the people crying about the new layout just joined the forum in the last 24-48 hours. Hummm I wonder why.

    Because they just received a software update they don’t like. It is a good reason to register on the car manufacturer’s forum to search for answers and to complain about it. I very much don’t care for it either. Leave the user interface alone or create a dedicated FSD platform for those that enjoy being entertained.
  • Aren’t you the one asking for Birdseye Howard? Wouldn’t that be the best place to put the visualization? It’s just as entertaining for you.
  • How ridiculous is it for you to call FSD entertainment?
  • The map being a reduced percentage of the overall UI is odd and should be reverted The charge level needs to return to green - the matte black is just.. dull.

    Even the best MLB hitter hits a slump - this update is a swing and a miss..
  • I was initially put off by the smaller area for the map, but after using it for awhile, it felt normal and didn't feel it diminished anything for me.

    I do feel that having the ability slide the width of the map a little more and slightly scale down the left view might be handy for those that wanted more map real estate.

    Overall, I like it though. I don't need things to be symmetric. In fact, trying to maintain symmetry when it doesn't make sense actually scuffs the UI.
  • I’ll say this one more time: ******Elon has already tweeted that the screen proportions of viz to map will be customizable soon.******
    Relax everyone. You’ll be able to resize it to the former proportions soon.
    Just breath.
  • I like the bigger display; as it allows for a quick and more informative blind spot view in lane changes.

    Turn-by-turn now being in the driving display is also very handy when the Nav screen is blocked. Definitely a big help.

    I’m on conference calls constantly while driving for work. Ability to access the cameras or wipers while the phone card is up, now that they are in the bottom row, and not hidden under the card, is most helpful.

    New stationary vehicle graphic is modern and clean. Makes the car feel upgraded and different. This is one of the hallmarks selling features of Tesla; a continually refreshed look and feel!

    Upgrade is great in my book!
  • Same here
  • Honestly, before the update I was vaguely aware there was a prindle displayed somewhere. Now I actually know where it is.
  • Drove today on 5 lane highway and it is very nice. On back roads with no other traffic it seems too big. Would like to see it scale itself.
  • For the first time ever, the graphic shows our dirt road with lane markings to keep it on the side it belongs. Amazing. One step closer to FSD.
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