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Vehicle may not restart error message

My 2016 model X displays this message.
“Vehicle may not restart. Service is required “ then flashes this msg. “Acceleration and top speed have been reduced”

Can anyone tell me what might be the issue and if the car is safe to drive? I can’t get a service appointment until Jan 19th.

How to I even reach a live person at Tesla that can log into my vehicle and tell me what is wrong?



  • Well, the message is rather clear - the car may not start. If that's not a concern, then you can drive the car, but you could get stranded somewhere. Hard to say what the problem is - could be a problem with the battery pack or the DC-DC converter. Myself, I'd avoid driving it until the service appointment, and then drive it directly to service and hope it makes it. Good luck!

    Not sure there is anyone at Tesla to assist with a remote analysis. They are fairly loaded right now.
  • My vehicle gave this message along with bunch of other warning messages, while charging at supercharger. Ambient temp was around 55F. Now re-generation is completely off. Very disappointed.
  • Tesla SC found that the battery coolant heater has an internal fault causing the alerts on the screen, so they would need to replace it. My model X is 4.5 Yrs old and out of warranty So it will cost me ~$800.
  • This battery coolant heater failure quickly after 4 year warranty appears to be a common problem and should be covered by recall.
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