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LFP Battery China Made Major Issues - Model 3

Got my M3 in Europe few weeks back only to realize
1) Charges super slow even at fast 50 kw chargers, 4.5x slower than US M3 model that was charging parallel parked, max rate 12kw, takes hours
2) Can not charge 100% , stops at 85%
3) Later on charge levels shoot up self to 95%
4) Range is low, approx 198kw average over 50 km

other facing similar issues, please help


  • I would schedule for service via the app
  • You didn't say what your SOC was compared to the *parallel charging" US made model. Even at 50kw, I believe there is a taper curve, so if you were at the upper end of your battery, it's going to be slower.
  • I like your user name. /s
  • If this is genuine issue and not a troll (strange user name!), then just book an appointment in a service center. As for 'others' facing this issue...its the first I've heard of it. Please give us the source of this info. Thanks
  • In a very new car the Battery Management System may not yet be fully calibrated. I recommend to charge to 100% once a week. It also helps to drive the battery down to near-zero at least once.

    Charging power also depends on the current state of charge and on the battery temperature.
  • Please read my post the car can NOT charge to 100% and it takes hours to get to 85% the max on a public charger as i live in an apartment and have none at my house
  • I booked service appointment the same day i got my car but the first available date is out mid Jan

    The source is me the impacted buyer
  • The car started to charge from 51% and the SOC was high speed 50 kw that came with the public charger. Temp was 5c but was the same for the usa made cars. Those charged 4.5 times faster even when charging beyond 80%
  • I have heard that some public chargers will not charge past 85% to increase turnover of spaces.
  • The other cars USA made that charged next to me US went to 95% on the same charger . I have pictures that compare the 2 neck to neck

    I see a lot of biased reactions that try to subdue the issue.

    The problem is the LFP battery not the charger
  • All these issues have been reported to tesla with date and time stamps and pictures

    All i want to heard of other real users who are facing issues,
  • Are they using LG chem pouch batteries in China?
  • @Magic 8 Ball - Yes, most EV makers are. Tesla no.
  • > @"" said:
    > @Magic 8 Ball - Yes, most EV makers are. Tesla no.

    I thought Tesla went to LG chem pouches for the long range version in china, no?

    "n China, Tesla currently uses CATL battery cells with an LFP chemistry for the cheaper version of its Model 3 sedan and LG Chem batteries for the longer range and more expensive versions.",range%20and%20more%20expensive%20versions.

    Different type of LG chem or did Fred get it wrong again?
  • @LFPChinaMadeEUUser - I'm not sure random non-Tesla chargers are a good method to evaluate if there is an issue with your car or not. Have you tried a Supercharger? Also as a new owner, you may not be aware that there is a tapered curve and charging gets far slower as you approach 100%. The fact you can't get to 100% is troubling, so there may be something wrong with your specific car and has nothing to do with the battery source.

    The third diagram here: shows the taper curve for an M3 on a 250 kW Supercharger. Now, this is with the Gigafactory batteries, but I doubt the LG battery is any different.
  • Did I read somewhere that some (one) 3rd party charger(s) will not allow you to fully charge? They limit your time at the charger?
  • My comparison is based on apples to apples. Same 50kw charger charges a US made M3 and a China made M3 with LFP

    US made is 4x plus faster than china LFP and can charge to 100%

    Please read the problem first before posting generic solutions
  • I don't believe that 3rd party chargers limit max charge level; I believe Tesla did that a couple of times at heavy use periods on heavily used SCs a few years back when SC availability was an issue, but haven't heard of it recently.

    To the OP - I haven't read other reports of your problem on here, so either it's a common problem and you're the first to report it, or it's a problem with your car. If it's a common problem, others should chime in here over the next day or so. If it's just an issue with your car, then the only solution is a Service Center visit; if Mid-January is the soonest that one is available, that's disappointing.

    A 12 kw charge rate sounds like the car is AC charging, rather than DC. The onboard AC charger is limited to somewhere around that rate (not familiar with EU-spec SR+ limits). It's possible that you have a manufacturing defect that disables the DC pins on the charge port. Once again, the SC visit is the only solution.

    Good luck to you, and don't let the skepticism here get to you.
  • Thanks Frank99 for the first genuine attempt to answer. And you are right 12 kw is the max i get on a 22 kw charger as i tried at 50kw,43kw and 22kw chargers

    On the internet i have read similar stories from china but did not believe till i was HIT

    The other issue is sometimes and not always charge levels display increase after 3 hours of charging
  • A lot of speculation why not wait for what SC will find what is wrong with your car?
  • I will but till then i have to wait 4 hours on a public charger
  • Just wait for your appointment and get it seen by SC. We can speculate all we want and you can accuse us of being wont get your car fixed any quicker. Just wait till appointment and see what they actual technicians say. Surely, that has to be the best approach?
  • I saw Elon musk likes to tweet about games and funny honks. I also shared with him my problem , hope he sees and gets his team to respond faster
  • For some of the issues Per tesla a firm ware fix is expected but till then i am stuck bad . The car is great including build quality but the engine ie the battery has issues and in my definition if the engine has issues it is a major issue especially the super slow charge rate, that kills all the joy
  • Well i guess i am but what are my options except wait and prey n suffer unless someone intervenes to speed up resolution.

    You wants to buy a new car and books a service appointment the next day, do u ice free
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