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Battery loosing miles

Recently, had the latest chip installed, plus 2020.48.12.1.
Since then my loss of battery has been 10-12 miles per day.
Car has been parked in Phoenix and everything is turned off.
I thought I could plug the car into a 110 at 2 miles per hour which would be adequate. This morning, car shows 11 hours remaining to charge at 2 miles per hour.
Would greatly appreciate any ideas.


  • Most batteries do not get loose :) Not sure what the latest chip is you've installed. Doubt it or the version is the factor.

    To reduce vampire drain, turn off sentry mode, smart summon, and climate preconditioning and cabin overheat protection. I'd expect it should drop to a couple of miles loss per day if not charging. A 120V charge connection should add a few miles then over a day.
  • Make sure the car isn't running HVAC or as TT said, sentry and overheat protection. This is the only real reason why the battery would drain this much. Usually a new MX drains at 2-3 miles per day.
  • Since I have software version 2020.48.30 and a new 12v battery installed after a unannounced failure of the same I experience a drain of about 10-20 miles per day.
    I live in Florida so temperatures is not really a factor.

    Can someone help please or has the same experience?
    What did you do?
  • @peter - Please rear the two posts before your post. Answers are there.
  • I did read the messages and they do not apply to me, as I do not precondition nor is my sentry mode on at home.

    Also I did not change any settings since I received the new 12v battery.

    There are only two things that changed.
    A) the 12v battery
    B) the new software version
  • While I've never had it happen, there have been a few random reports of an update changing the state of some options. I'd go through and recheck the options, and perhaps even turn each on (i.e. Sentry mode, Summon standby, precondition) and then off. It shouldn't be necessary, but it's the only thing I can think of that would cause such a high drain.

    Also if the GPS "home" position is marginal, it could be Sentry mode is turning back on, even though you set it to be "off" at home. That's why I'd suggest turning it completely off as a test. If the drain disappears, then you know it was Sentry mode and can better access how to deal with that (i.e. reset your home location).
  • If none of those ideas help, it may be time for a service visit. There could be something specific to your car that is draining power more than normal. Let us know what you find out.
  • > @peter_98076852 said:
    > Since I have software version 2020.48.30 and a new 12v battery installed after a unannounced failure of the same I experience a drain of about 10-20 miles per day.
    > I live in Florida so temperatures is not really a factor.
    > Can someone help please or has the same experience?
    > What did you do?
  • Yep, same experience here. “Vampire” battery drain of 10 or more miles without sentry mode or the other listed possibilities. I did ask the service center in Sarasota & he said that updates periodically assign more battery use for specific modes he didn’t offer to clarify.
  • I have had EXACTLY same issues currently. 2018 MX. 15,000 miles. Before, car lost 1-2 miles range in 24 hours sitting completely idle. Recent new software update (started with 2020.48.35 but now at 35.5) and 3rd replacement of main screen (another story for another time), upon reboot sudden 12 v battery failure warning. They replaced 12v battery. Since then, 1-2 mile range drain with car COMPLETELY idle. only getting barely 50% of actual mileage vs charged miles. This is Not driving style related. I provided time stamps over 1 month, photos of car and app displayed info, charging info, etc. 3 service calls later (which took over 1.5 months for scheduling), mobile visit and virtual, confirmed NOTHING turned on and no faults found. They finally tell me "that is within normal range" and "there isn't anything wrong". The only suggestion they left me with was "try draining battery to 5%, recharge to 100%, then repeat a couple of times. That might reset the range indicator". I am in process of trying that. Normally, I charge daily to 80%. Sorry, but saying losing up to 10 miles
    in 8 hours and 24 miles range in 24 hours (idle) is suddenly normal and within range is UNACCEPTABLE. All I got was "Gee, sorry", "you're not the only one", and a cursory "maybe the next update will fix it". They clearly don't know what is causing it and have offered no other followup. They should do better job trying to find out and resolve. If I have to, it will be back to filing an arbitration request with the state plus more. I really want to love this vehicle, but the company is making it impossible. Extremely frustrated.
  • Did you get any resolution? I am having the same issue on my 2020 MX - losing 20+ miles sitting parked with sentry off, climate off etc... since last update. This weekend it lost 6% in 45 minutes. I am nervous as I need to drive 400+ miles away at the end of the week and am concerned the issue may escalate. Right now it seems limited to when parked and when driving uses normal. This last week though I charged to 295 miles and only was able to drive ~110 before it was warning me it may not restart if it is not charged.
  • @Amanda_Cycles - Did you confirm Sentry mode, Summon standby and Cabin overheat protection (not an issue if cold out), are all off? When you close the car and lock it, does it lock and the screens go dark? If not it could be a door is slightly ajar or a door closed sensor has failed. After the car is locked for 5 minutes do you hear the fluid pumps still running? That's likely a problem if so.
  • All Tesla's have a function called battery balancing. Typically happens when batteries are charged around 90%. Balancing can occur over hours and sometimes a day or so. Will consume power/miles. It doesn't happen often but can happen periodically..

    Weather is the largest effect. Although I live in a warm climate there are times I park in my garage at say 50% at night and the next day it is 52%. As the temp rises, SOC goes up.

    Is your car going to sleep? If Sentry is on, it will not go to sleep. But how can you tell? Plug something into the 12v accessory plug such as a cell phone charger with an LED. After you park, peek into the windows and check again after 45 mins. If the light is on, the car is not going to sleep. That's your issue and then you need to figure out why.
  • @"" Yep, it's all off (sentry, summon standby, overheat protection - although it is 60F outside) and the screen goes dark. Car is silent, no sign of the pumps but that was definitely a good idea to check.

    It also lost 10 miles off what it thinks 90% is when this all started (overnight, not gradual). I have a service appointment for next Tuesday (first available), but I am nervous about driving this week as there are a couple stretches with no superchargers in close proximity (I am spoiled in the Bay Area!). I am hoping they don't try and tell me this is normal.
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    @Amanda_Cycles - Let us know what service finds!
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