Model X

Poor winter defrost and defog on Model X windshield and side windows

Has anyone found a way to solve the poor defrosting problem with the model X? Would a portable battery operated fan help to resolve this issue?


  • Interesting you have an issue, my 2020 X is in New England weather and the defrost works well and quick for front and sides.
  • Thanks for the data point. I got my X in December 2016. I haven’t done much research yet so I can focus on changes in environmental systems in the past 3-4 years.
  • I have the same problem on my 2019X - fog on the side windows in winter. It's dangerous because it always stays.
  • As stated my 2020 does not have this issue, however, I assume you tried directing the vents toward the windows and turning vents on hot?
  • Windshield on MX have 2 cracks starting at each wiper and going up on both sides. I think this is an issue with the vehicle since my Minivan had heated pads for the wipers,it was scrapped without replacing the glass. cracks are still climbing that huge glass
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